GRINDTV – The story of how a pro surfer turned pro fisherman

Todd Kline combines his two passions; surfing and bass fishing. Photo: Courtesy of
“In the summer I do a lot of fishing for calico bass off a longboard near my home in San Clemente,” Todd Kline tells GrindTV. “I strap a rod to a milk crate with some tackle and paddle out the back to fish near clumps of kelp or rock. At times I’ve caught up to 25 good-sized fish in two hours or so. It’s low cost as you don’t need a boat and if you want to catch fish for an hour and be home for dinner, it’s hard to beat.”
When it comes to fishing and surfing Todd Kline, too, is hard to beat. The Floridian moved to California as an 18-year-old to pursue a professional surfing career, and traveled the world for seven years winning four major events. After his competitive career ended he worked as a marketing executive for his previous sponsor Quiksilver for a decade, as well as a commentator at the WSL events.
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However a few years ago the keen fisherman started competing in local bass tournaments, had some success and quickly moved up the elite Fishing League Worldwide (FLW) professional three-day events.“I surprised myself, and perhaps others with my success,” he says. “It’s a sport where anyone can turn up and be in the right spot at the right time and win one event. But I managed to win four events in three years, so the consistency took a few people by surprise.”