It’s Time to Move to the Front

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December 5, 2017  by Todd Kline
(Editor’s note: Few co-anglers in the Costa FLW Series have been as successful as California fisherman Todd Kline. He’s won back-to-back Co-Angler of the Year titles and earned more than $124,062 in three seasons.)
I started fishing from the back seat as a co-angler in the Costa FLW Series Western Division in 2013. I entered one tournament, my intentions being to learn the lake and different techniques of the pro anglers with whom I would be fishing.
I had a blast and the experience motivated me to dive in head-first and fish all of the Western Costa FLW Series tournaments for the next four years. During that time, I achieved the biggest goal I had: to learn from the anglers I drew as partners and I practiced with at each tournament.
Fishing with some of the greatest pros in the West has been awesome. Sure, it’s been challenging at times, given that a co-angler’s fishing space is limited, but I wouldn’t change anything about it. I’ve made good friends with many of the FLW Series anglers and it’s been awesome learning from them.
Their techniques, how they break down the water and manage fish have been like lessons at Fishing School. It’s time to graduate. I’ve been an absolute sponge during those four years, and now I’m going to make the big move in 2018; I’m going to fish from the front of the boat in the Costa FLW Series Western Division.

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